Laser Quartz & Lemurian Quartz: Connections to Atlantis & Lemuria, and Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine

Laser Quartz & Lemurian Quartz: Connections to Atlantis & Lemuria, and Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine

hese high vibrational crystals are powerful personal healing energy tools activating and supporting the Ascension process.

We are experiencing a rise of the Divine Feminine as we embrace the more intuitive, gentle aspects of our nature and recognize the powers inherent within all sentient beings. We are awakening and remembering our infinite cosmic connections and galactic origins. We are honouring our connection to the Earth and to the cosmos and all that is. As we are further initiated on our ascension journey we become more aware of the need to integrate the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine present in each of us. This sacred union we seek is not outside of ourselves but within, a divine union within, One, I Am.

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Lemurian Quartz crystal


Origins & Identification:

Both Laser Quartz and Lemurian Quartz crystals are found in the Diamantina mining area of Minas Gerais, Brazil but are from different mining locations. Laser Quartz are very clear crystals that often taper to a smaller termination point and have etchings, glyphs, symbolic markings and lines on their faces. Laser Quartz crystals were used in Atlantean times, in healing and ceremonies in Lemurian temples and are coded with these records as well as records from Sirius. Many Atlanteans and Lemurians originated from the Sirian star systems and it is the Sirians who taught the Lemurians Quartz crystalline technologies. The Atlanteans also stored ancient records in these crystals for us to receive and integrate here now, as we assist in raising the consciousness and embodying a New Earth. Lemurian Quartz have horizontal ladder lines running up the sides of the crystals. These lines represent records coded within the Quartz crystal from their use during Lemurian times. Open each record by moving up the crystal towards the tip, receiving loving guidance as you download the Lemurian records, ascending to higher levels of consciousness.


Meditate with Lemurian Quartz crystals to receive gentle loving energy, soothing the soul, generating expansion of consciousness and a sense of coming home to oneself.


Laser Quartz crystals emit a beam of high frequency light energy and we can personally direct this energy flow to work with the light energy in healing and spiritual practices. Use these crystals to clear energy fields and as a wand to draw protective barriers around self or a space.


Laser Quartz Crystal


Lemurian and Laser quartz crystals are spiritual navigational tools revealing self guidance through connecting to higher self and downloading codes from Lemuria, Atlantis and cosmic consciousness.


If or when you feel as though the Divine Masculine is dominant you may wish to work with Lemurian Quartz and other crystals and gems that invoke the Goddess. And if you feel as though you have been suppressing your Divine Masculine self, you may wish to work with Laser Quartz and other crystals that have sacred masculine energy, (see the chart for suggestions).


Hold these crystals to produce harmony, balance and activate the sacred union of Divine Masculine and Feminine within and connect to Lemuria, Atlantis and access the codes stored within these crystals. In meditation, hold a Laser Quartz in the right hand and a Lemurian Quartz in the left hand (or whichever hand feels best for you, always listen to your intuition in the moment).

Holding these crystals, we are surrounded by white light protecting our energy fields.


We are embodying the light and raising our vibration to assist the ascension of the Earth’s consciousness from 3D to 5D. Many are remembering and being called to Lemuria and Atlantis now to initiate awakening and actualization of true self. Laser Quartz and Lemurian Quartz crystals are essential crystalline energy tools for Star Seeds, Lightworkers, Energy Healers, Shaman’s, as we are being called to embrace our true power and spread our light.


Love & Gratitude,

Abby Iseminger

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