Growing Up as a Psychic-Medium

Growing Up as a Psychic-Medium

I could truly write a book explaining about all of the paranormal experiences that I've had. It feels like I have stories from every single walk of my life. I had no clue at all that it was not normal until I was in my teens. Here are a few of the experiences I had growing up Psychic. 

The very first time I saw Spirit I was still in my crib. This memory is such a vivid memory and one that I've never forgot, even when I wanted to. I grew up across the street from a Jewish Graveyard. It was just a normal part of home for me, and I never thought much about it. One night I woke up to flashing lights and when I looked out the window, I saw the scariest looking thing I've ever seen in my life. It was a blue hairy looking monster. It had yellow teeth and red eyes. It seemed as though whatever it was noticed me right away. As soon as our eye made eye contact it was instant panic. I remember climbing out of my crib and running into my parents’ room. This started a very long childhood and what would become me be terrified to sleep alone until I was in my teens. 

Living across the street from a graveyard made our home very active. There was always something being moving or footsteps to be heard. It became very common to experience anything paranormal in that house. My sister and I shared a room in this home which was ok by me. At one point my parents converted the attic room into a bedroom that we shared. This room probably had the most activity out of the entire house; at least for me it did. One evening my sister and I had just laid down for bed. She always fell asleep so much faster than I would, and I can remember pulling the covers over my face so I wouldn't see anything. My clairvoyance was extremely intense as a child. Anyway, I heard a creek in the floor, which wasn't unnormal. The house was built in the early 1900's and it made lots of noise. So, I pulled my covers down and as I did, I sat on my bed in total shock at what I saw. There was a woman standing over by my closet. She was glowing and dressed in all white. I remember noticing right away that she didn't have any feet. She floated from one end of my bedroom all the way to the other and then down the stairs. When she made it to the area, I was sleeping in she stopped and just smiled. I remember wanting to scream but no matter what I did I couldn't get my voice to work. As soon as she was out of sight, I took off running downstairs to my parents. 

In this same house there was a weird occurrence that would happen randomly, and we never truly figured out why it was happening... or how for that matter. Mornings were usually really hectic around the house because my sister and I were getting ready for school while my parents were getting ready for work. One of the things we usually had to do was make our beds. Some mornings we would go to make them, and our pillows would be gone. Like, totally out of sight and cannot find. We would search the house high and low and would have no luck. We'd all give up and go about our days and when we'd all come home the pillows would be back on our beds; like they'd never even been touched. This used to drive my mom insane! At least I can chuckle about it now.

All through my teen years I seemed to continue finding people and situations that would always lead to something or someone paranormal. One of my very best friends had this house that seemed to almost light up when I would come over and visit. On numerous occasions we would knock on the wall and someone or something would knock back at us. Candles would refuse to light all to light later on and burn completely through the candle before anyone caught it. My friend’s radio would turn on full blast when no one was around it. Kitchen Cabinet doors would ALL be open when we walked up the stairs. There is one specific occasion that really sticks out in my head. I'd just come by to pick my friend up and I was waiting for her outside in my car. I looked up all to see her mom standing in the window waving at me. I loved her mom so I waved back really big! My friend just happened to be walking out to my car and she had this weird look on her face and asked who in the hell I was waving at. When I told her that it was her mom she turned almost pale white. Her mom wasn't home and hadn't been for many hours. She was alone in the home. There was literally no one for me to be waving at. Talk about a shock. 

That wasn't the only friend that I would experience weird and paranormal things with. Another good friend of mine and me always dealt with paranormal things at her home. Actually, her mom was extremely intuitive and even predicted my engagement 2 days before it happened! So, anytime I would go over there it was like the energy just manifested at such high rates that spirit was everywhere and in everything! One night we decided to do some baking while her parents were out. She'd just moved into the 'new' house and was a little bit freaked out because she felt like she was being watched. I was always into these kinds of things so of course I came right over! That evening was the weirdest night I probably ever had in that home. When trying to bake NONE of the outlets would work no matter what we did. Even flipping breakers didn't work. But as soon as we finished mixing everything with our hands... BAM all of the sudden they worked again. That same evening, we kept hearing what sounded like marbles dropping on the floor and rolling but they didn't even own marbles. My friend and I had been sleeping about 2 hours and she woke up me more scared than I think I've ever seen her. She literally looked like she saw a ghost. I peeked my head around the corner of her bedroom door and sure enough there was what looked like a ghost standing in the entry way of her home. He was a bigger guy. Wearing old farmers overalls. He had a farmer’s hat on and some kind of straw thing in his hand. He looked lost. But what scared me the most is that I was literally looking at an apparition. He was completely transparent. We shut her bedroom door and slept on the floor of her closet that night. I was only 15 or 16 when this happened so you can imagine how bad it terrified us. 

At one point in my youth my mom took my sister, my friend and myself to Toys R US to buy a Ouija Board. Yes, my mom was the cool mom. But she also no had clue what she was getting herself into. Now, I want to take a second to talk about Ouija boards and how it's just a manmade object that is used to communicate with Spirit. Just like you use Tarot Cards, pendulums, and dosing rods to do this exact same thing. When you use manmade objects, Intentions are everything. Anyway, back to the using this board. When we got home the 3 of us girls set up all up, lit up some candles and went to work. Yes, it worked. Yes, it scared the shit out of us. Yes, my house was haunted after we used it. Yes, we threw that shit right away. **Insert my laugh here** I didn't know anything about setting intentions or even what I was doing. But I did apparently know enough to allow souls in. Mom had the home cleansed and we were never allowed to use the board again. Probably smart of my mom. 


Stay Tuned for Part 2.... 


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