Past Life Regression/Life In-Between Lives

Past Life Regression/Life In-Between Lives 

You can book a Past Life Regression/Life In-Between Lives session here.

Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) was created by Candace Craw-Goldman, with the intention to allow for more practitioner discernment during quantum healing sessions. Candace first learned the QHHT technique from Dolores Cannon, and she had a deep respect for Dolores and her teachings. She was called to create a modality that did not have quite the rigid set of guidelines that QHHT does (such as the inability to conduct sessions remotely), and thus, created BQH. I am certified in both QHHT and BQH; remote sessions use the BQH induction script.

During this session we will strictly dig into your Past Lives and your Life In-Between lives. You will go into two different past lives using BQH hypnosis technique. Digging into your Past Lives can help you understand why your current life is the way it is. It can help us understand phobias, anxiety, ailments, karma and much more.  In your Life In-Between lives, you often get the chance to have a life review of the life you've just come from. This helps you understand what your purpose was of those lives and what your lessons were that were to be learned. You can even understand if those lessons have been carried over into your current lifetime. 


Past Life Regression/Life In-Between Lives sessions last for about 2 hours, give clients 1:1 access to the practitioner, and cost $200. All sessions are conducted remotely via the Zoom platform and include a recording of the session. Clients must be in a private space with total privacy/silence (no interruptions, including partners, roommates, noisy pets, children, etc.), be able to lay down comfortably for the 2-hour hypnosis, and have access to wired headphones. A laptop is preferred but a plugged-in smart phone will suffice. A very stable internet connection is a requirement when booking. If your internet is not stable a remote session will not work.