Meet your Spirit Guides Psychic Readings

Meet your Spirit Guides Psychic Reading.

You can book Meet Your Spirit Guides Psychic Reading Here.

Meeting your Spirit Guides Psychic Reading is a wonderful way to make a connection with your Spirit Team.

I am able to connect with and describe what your Spirit Guides look like, how you are connected to them, if you lived any lives together, and any messages and/or advice that they might have for you. During these sessions you are also able to ask questions from your guides for your own guidance. 

These sessions also come packed with lots of amazing information, tips and tricks on how to make the connection with your Spirit Teams. I also have created a 7-day calendar that I will send out to you via e-mail once our session is over. This calendar can help give you a visual on the things you need to do to strengthen your connection with your team. 

These sessions are all conducted via telephone. I will call you at the phone number you provide when you book your reservation. 

If you are outside of the USA you MUST have WhatsApp in order for the phone call to take place. You must leave the country you are in and your WhatsApp phone number.