Beyond Body & Soul Hypnosis

Beyond Body & Soul Hypnosis

Past Life Regression & Higher Self Hypnosis Mentorship. Sign Up Here.

Are you looking for a passion and not just a J.O.B.? Are you looking for a career that brings you fulfillment all while working with clients from all over the world?

Have you always wanted to be able to help others while owning and running your own Spiritual Business? 

This Mentorship Program will help you learn how help your clients in many different ways but here are just a few:

  • Discover past lives. 
  • Discover how past lives may be affecting the client now. 
  • Explore what souls do in between lives while in the spirit realm.  
  • Uncover and heal emotionally, mentally and physically.
  • Overcome trauma from this life and past lives. 
  • Heal generational patterns and traumas.
  • Find the soul's purpose and reason for coming to Earth.
  • Learn how to stop self-sabotaging looping patterns, 
  • Uninstall any limiting beliefs and patterns that do not serve them.
  • Discover what lessons they came here to learn in this current life. 
  • Discover the root cause of physical and mental ailments. 
  • Develop a closer connection to Spirit Guides & Spirit Team.
  • Develop a closer connection to their Higher Self.
  • Learn how they can increase and maintain optimal mental, emotional and physical health,
  • Understand challenges and learn how to overcome them. 
  • Understand and remove any money/abundance blockages. 
  • Better understand and maneuver career challenges.
  • and much more! 

This course will teach and give you everything I know about Past Life Regression & Higher Self Hypnosis so you could jump in and do the same thing that I do, all the while making a 6-figure income, without having to spend years going to college and working your way up the corporate ladder in a job you hate in order to do so.

The Course will last for 10 weeks and right now I have two classes running. Thie current enrollment will be for a day class.

Right now, there are TWO classes enrolling.

The first class is a pre-recorded class for people who do not want to attend live classes. This starts on 7/19/2024. I will send a the class document, links and recording weekly for 10 weeks. 

The Second Class is a LIVE class. These classes will start on 7/31/2024. They will run from 7:30pm 9:00pm CST. 

All classes are recorded, and the recording will be sent out to students, so you have for your own records and learning. This recording is also for those who may be overseas and cannot attend the actual class due to time and/or schedule differences. 

Training Program Outline:

  • 10 weeks of 1-1 training. 
  • Q&A opportunities throughout the course of the class and after
  • Ability to connect with my Community Forum (This is free for the duration of the 10-week course) that allows you to connect with other Practitioners from all over the world to help you on your journey. 
  • Weekly homework that entails self-healing work, reading, and watching my very own Hypnosis Sessions. 
  • Weekly homework that entails self-healing work, reading, and watching Spirit-Guided Healing Hypnosis videos.
  • Ability to role play during class to see first-hand how sessions are conducted and run.
  • Each student will conduct a min. of 2 sessions on their own to get them prepared to hit the ground running. 
  • Personal review and critique of two of your intake and hypnosis session.
  • Scripting for Past Life Regression, Life In-Between Lives (such as connecting with source, spirit guides, ascended masters, loved ones... etc), & Higher Self Hypnosis.
  • TONS of course material for you to print and use at your own leisure.

Program Objectives - 

  • Become a Certified Spirit-Guided Healing Hypnosis practitioner.
  • Become fluent in Past Life Regression.
  • Become fluent in Life-in-Between Lives Hypnosis
  • Gain confidence in your own spiritual abilities. 
  • Learn how to conduct Spirit-Guided Healing Hypnosis sessions from the ground up. 

    Mastering the induction script, voice inflection, tone, and speed.
  • Understand and master how to dig to the root of a client's issues in order to facilitate real healing and transformation in his/her life.
  • Mastering the art of composing initial and follow-up questions before and during the hypnosis session
  • Master the ability to channel your Higher Self in order to conduct client sessions while in that connected state.
  • Learn the back-end process of establishing and running a hypnosis business and the desired systems and processes b

  • Become proficient at communicating with your own spirit team.
  • Learn how to start up and run your own Hypnosis business. 
  • Master not being rattled by any unexpected occurrences that may come up in a session.
  • Master the technical aspects and troubleshooting techniques for conducting online hypnosis sessions.


A beginner's guide to developing your Intuition. Can be found here

I'm a Professional Psychic-Medium, QHHT/BQH Practitioner, Reiki Master/Teacher & an Intuitive Development teacher and have been practicing professionally for almost 6 years, Although the spirit world has been a part of me my entire life. I first started working with the spirit world when my son was born, and my gifts have only blossomed from there. In the very start of my journey, I looked far and wide for Intuition Development courses and never found one to give me all of the good beginner steps that I needed. It was then that I decided I was going to create something to help others. Something that would have helped me so much when I first started out. And well... here we are!

If you have been interested in learning how to develop your intuition, you've come to the right spot! I've spent several months developing this PDF document for people who are wanting to get started but have no clue which way to turn.

This PDF document is 31 pages long and comes packed with all of the great starter information you need on how to get started on this journey. I've included grounding and protecting methods, several different exercises to help you use and feel energy, meditation tips and even an exercise to help you perfect meditation if you are struggling.

*****This listing is for a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD. You will NOT be receiving an item by mail for this listing. This will be sent you do in PDF form once you complete your purchase. *****