Lepidolite & Pink Petalite ~ Deep Mental & Emotional Balance/Stability/Recovery

Lepidolite & Pink Petalite ~ Deep Mental & Emotional Balance/Stability/Recovery

Hello and welcome to my latest blog.

There is a stunning new blend on the block. There are only small pebbles in this blend as it’s a real anomaly for these two to grow cleanly together, so there is only a small amount on the market thus far.

Lepidolite is considered one of the premier stones for mental support and Pink Petalite one of the premier stones for emotional support. Both have the highest energies to deal with the most difficult issues, such as cancer, depression, bi polar/manic depression, terminal illness, severe trauma & a host of other experiences or diseases that take a heavy toll on our hearts & minds. These pieces aren’t expensive at all and are a wonderful ally to have when things get tough.

Lepidolite is not only fabulous for our mind, it is also excellent at divining root causes of emotional issues. Lepidolite is a fantastic aid for easing depression, calming ADHD, balancing out mood swings (especially in combination with Moonstone if those swings are down to hormones) and any matters of mental or emotional anquish or instability. It’s energy with regard to alleviating depression is unbeatable in the Mineral Kingdom. This is down to it being full of Lithium (the chemical base of many anti depressants).

Lepidolite also helps us to relieve allergies and strengthens our immune system given it’s impact on soothing the nervous system. A highly overwrought nervous system is often the cause of  respiratory or skin allergies. It’s our body trying to tell us there is stress, nervous or emotional energy that we aren’t acknowledging or addressing. Therefore, the only place left for it to manifest is the physical body. Lepidolite is also a soothing, comforting blast of relief when we are reaching mental/emotional exhaustion or burnout.

Rough Lepidolite

Pink Petalite can also be used for ADHD, ADD, excessive worry or stress, but tends to work on the emotions associated with those issues rather than the mental aspects. Petalite is recommended for all forms of cancer, particularly breast cancer. No crystal can claim to heal the physical aspects of cancer. If you ever see anyone saying that, run a mile!

However, Pink Petalite goes a long way to soothe the emotions associated with these difficult experiences such as grief, loss, helplessness, guilt, shame or the need for forgiveness and helps us to remain as emotionally strong and stable as we can, given the situation.

Pink Petalite moves us from the ego mind to heart centred consciousness and aids us in acceptance of our own emotions, encouraging us to take responsibility for them. Pink Petalite is also an excellent meditation tool. It aids us in healing emotional trauma, particularly from bullying or abuse suffered in childhood. It is a wonderful stone that teaches us how to love ourselves again.

Polished Pink Petalite

When I blogged about Lepidolite and Pink Tourmaline, those two crystals have a very different energy, so they created quite a different blend to what either of them are on their own.

With Lepidolite and Pink Petalite however, the energy is far more grounded, soothing, anchoring and seems to morph into one without veering too far from their individual attributes. It is a natural coming together of the heart & mind in crystal form!

This blend tries to bring you home to yourself on the inside, to bring you back into your heart and to centre you in the energy of the Soul ~ rather than the fearful state of the ego mind. It soothes erratic energies and brings with it a lovely element of feeling safe and supported. It eases the irrational fear & paranoid thoughts that are experienced by us all at times. I’ve found it a very handy tool if you’re sensitive to collective energies like I am. Am now able to observe them whilst remaining centred and safe within my own heart centre and truth.

I’d work with this blend daily, carrying in a pocket or bra and sleeping with it at night. It’s also a very soothing, relaxing and comforting meditation tool. It would need to be cleansed and recharged on a windowsill, in daylight for half an hour, every other day, when being used consistently.

With love and bright blessings,

Abby Iseminger.

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