Crystal Shopping - 

All crystals are sold via Etsy or my Facebook group.


Psychic Readings -


Psychic Readings are a wonderful way to connect with the Universe on a much deeper level. When I connect with my clients energy I am able to make a connection to their Spirit Team and helpers alike. My goal during a Psychic Reading is to deliver the guidance that I receive from Spirit to my client. I simply place a messenger role in this service. The information and stories that I am told is just one way for the Universe to connect with someone a level they are unaware they too can reach.


Past Life Regression/Quantum Hypnosis Healing -

Quantum healing hypnosis uses deep relaxation techniques to enable clients to access the part of their consciousness that stores information and memories from all of their lives–past present and future. It also enables clients to speak with their subconscious/higher self/oversoul. This entity is the essence of who we are as humans, and this part of our consciousness can provide insight and healing for ANYTHING, including but not limited to: childhood wounds, generational trauma, past life karma, physical and health issues, mission/purpose, gifts/abilities, etc.


Past Life Readings - 

Past Life Readings are a great way to connect with a Past Life. We are all souls living the human experience. As a soul we've all lived many many past lives. Sometimes we carry energy with us into this life unknowingly. I've found if we can find the past life that mirrors the one you are currently living we can release the energy that no longer serves you.